Get 5-15 Qualified Sales Appointments Per Month Using AI Powered Email Campaigns

What We Do

We are a lead generation agency where we help B2B businesses book more sales appointments using AI Powered Cold Email Campaigns.At Elephante Consulting, we have built an internal suite of AI tools that allow us to build ultra-specific cold email campaigns.For example, we can write emails like this at scale:

For each account we targeted in this campaign, our AI Research Bot went on their website. Found a case study. Then thought of other companies similar to that case study and then categorized these companies.This is just one of the many ways that we are able to do high level research on companies (and thus hyper personalize our emails) at scale.We have used our AI Research Bot to identify names of specific employees at companies along with their job titles, identify our prospects' target market based off of what they sell, identify their investors, identify which companies have a specific keyword placed on their website.And when you work with us, we will use our AI Research Bot so that all of your cold emails that you send are actually personalized and relevant.

AI Powered Email Campaign Results

102 Demos Booked in 90 Days

39 Demos Booked in 45 Days

Meet the Founder

I have been a ML/AI consultant for numerous 7-9 figure companies. Before that, I became the youngest to get a PhD in Biostatistics from UC San Diego where my thesis was funded by Harvard University and prior to my PhD I was a researcher at Harvard.In addition to my background in ML/AI, I have worked in sales over the past 3 years and previously ran a sales recruitment firm where we sourced all of our clients through cold email.Now I combine my background in ML/AI and B2B sales to fill our clients' pipelines with qualified leads.

Our Process

Email Infrastructure

We set up your entire backend email infrastructure so that you can safely send 250+ emails a day without going to spam.

Campaign Setup

Using our suite of AI tools, we build a lead list of your ICP, write multiple cold email sequences to test and launch your cold email campaigns

Campaign Managment

We nurture the leads, manage all cold email replies/objection you receive and book these prospects onto your calendar.

We Get Replies Like This...